Tipping the balance – Blog 48


Monday seemed to come around very quickly and Dad ended up having a full body scan. This itself was a slightly worrying sign as we had just been expecting the normal scan to see where the Cancer was within his lungs

Either way though with the scan done, the results were expected today.

The news is not as favourable as we had hoped for. The Cancer has returned and spread quite aggressively. The last scan result earlier this year indicated that the Cancer activity had reduced significantly and, with little or no activity, he was officially declared as being in remission/partial remission.

This is no longer the case. Cancer has returned and is equal to the size that it started at in June 2015. In addition, it is now of equal amount in both lungs whereas before there were just traces in the second lung. Furthermore, it has spread to the Pleura which is the membrane that covers the Lungs and has also moved into his Liver. All sites in terms of Liver and Lungs have multiple individual tumours. This is not good news.

The good news however, is that he has been allowed home today due to his salt levels having improved and is pleased to have had some fresh air. Having spoken with him on Skype he is looking tired and sounds exhausted though in part this is relief at being home. He has said that he doesn’t really know what is going to happen but he isn’t giving up. He is also thinking of those around him and what he can do to help them….

None of us truly know what is going to happen at this stage. There are still many unanswered questions. Can the tumours be removed from the Liver? Can he have more chemo? Can he cope with more Chemo? Will it make any difference at this stage? Which path should he take in terms of life expectancy vs quality of life? None of these have I an answer for.

All I do know is that an oncology appointment is scheduled for December 23rd. We will at least know more at that stage. Decisions can then be made as to what happens next.

For now though….he is home, he is still getting in some Bob Garratt humour and has not given up. None of us have.


2 thoughts on “Tipping the balance – Blog 48

  1. So sorry to hear this news. Will hope and pray that the hospital can come up with a plan of care for him. It is so worrying for family as I know only too well. Keep the faith and support each other. Family is everything.

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  2. Sorry to hear your news. He has put up a good fight so far. The future looks uncertain but I am sure he will not give up yet. Thinking of you all at this time.


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