A Rollercoaster Ride that Ends on a High! – Blog 46


The results are in and Dad has been informed that his Cancer has stopped growing and that he is in remission.

I’m actually finding this blog quite hard to write as the news is fantastic as, I’m sure anyone reading this blog will be over-joyed to hear the news that, my Dad, who 15 months ago was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Lung Cancer is now in remission.

The news is tremendous but I guess Cancer is one of those things that just takes you by surprise and slaps you in the face a little. The remission does not mean that the Cancer is gone. It does however mean that it has stopped growing, is currently inactive and is causing no undue complications to my Dad or his health.

Has my Dad beat Cancer? Not sure if the answer to this is a straight Yes or No. What my Dad has shown though is that with courage, strength and oodles of support from family and friends, Cancer can be fought and doesn’t always have to have to have an unhappy ending.

When telling me the news, my Mum tried to get in on the ‘Dad Joke’ act though failed miserably (in mine and my Dad’s opinion). She told me about when ‘Paddy & Murphy’ took a ride on a large Rollercoaster. Paddy turned to Murphy and asked what would happen if they fell out. Murphy responded simply saying it wouldn’t happen as they had been friends for a long time……

I’m sorry, I know it’s a terrible joke but it did link nicely to the last 15 months in terms of the Rollercoaster ride my Dad has been on. Through it all though his jokes have remained strong, his strength has continued to grow and he can now take a well-earned rest from treatment and live life without regular hospital or doctors’ appointments.

One thing I will add at this stage is how amazing the Spanish doctors and all their support staff have been at both Xativa and Alzira Hospitals. My Dad’s treatment has gone like clockwork and the empathy, compassion and support that has been shown will never be forgotten. A big Thank You seems a little underwhelming for people that have helped my Dad still be with us now. Even had the outcome been different thus far, I could not be any more grateful for the life changing treatment my Dad has received.

The next stage in terms of an update will be a follow up appointment scheduled for December. This means 3 months with no appointments, no treatments, no side effects and minimal tablets to take.

Prior to this though, the most important event is a pre-planned visit to the wrinklies this coming Thursday. Plus, now he is in remission I won’t feel so bad when I beat him at Tri-nominoes, Table Football, Chess, Draughts, Scattergories – well any game to be fair. I think pretty much he’s bottom of the Espana Family Games Leaderboard – challenge laid down ;o)

Finally, this will be my last blog on behalf of my Dad for a while. Naturally I will provide an update as and when, though would like to thank everyone through your messages, support and encouragement for making the last 15 months much easier to cope with than it otherwise may have been. I’ve been humbled by the support you have shown my Dad, my Mum, my family and myself. The last 15 months should be a grey period in our lives yet somehow through all the good that has been shown it’s possibly been lighter than most other periods I have known.