Feeling the ‘Cold’ in the Summer Heat – Blog 42


It’s official – Dad has experienced his first ever Cold! Mr Bionic himself who in his own words has never experienced a cold, let alone understood what a cold is, has suffered the pitfalls of a snotty nose.

It’s probably connected to his recent trip back to the UK over the last couple of weeks. I’d give him sympathy but unfortunately having spent some time with him last Sunday at his sister’s house, not only has he mastered the art of getting a cold, he has also worked out how to successfully infect those around him (as Dave & I are now suffering with colds). I take this as a good sign though as it just seems to be a ‘normal’ cold and nothing untoward connected with his latest Chemo session.

His trip to the UK has allowed him to do some odd jobs for his sister as well as seeing a number of other family members on one of many trips out in the local area. One person he didn’t get to see unfortunately was his daughter, Heather. He specifically wanted to mention in this blog that he wanted her to know that he is very much thinking of her.

Having returned to Spain yesterday, Chemo session four is scheduled for next Wednesday. Should he not shake off the cold, this may be slightly delayed, though I doubt this will be the case. Between now and then, he is due to have a mid-term scan with the results received late next week. This means that I should soon be able to give a medical based update to show exactly how he is doing.

In terms of how he is in himself, he is doing really well and has managed to do a number of minor DIY tasks for my Aunty Margaret without feeling too many ill effects, other than the usual tiredness. Without the scan results it’s hard to really know truthfully how he is, as on the face of it he looks well, is doing great and mentally is in a good place. Chemo may be masking this though.

One thing for sure though is that 12 months ago the doctors gave a prognosis that given the severity of the Lung Cancer he had, that chances of survival beyond 12 months were slim at best. They did say though that this depended on how well each individual coped. Fathers’ day is coming up and I did feel that last year was possibly the last one he would be around for. I am only too pleased to be proven wrong with how much fight my Dad still has.

For now I will wish you all well, and will look to give an update after his scans next week, when I have a little more info on how well his body is actually responding. Much Love xxxx


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