Utopia: The White Island Diaries – Blog 41



The last few days have been spent with ‘The Wrinklies’ having treated them to a surprise holiday on the stunning White Island – Eivissa/Ibiza. And I have to say it has been fantastic.

Initially concerned with how my Dad may be coping with his latest bout of Chemo the surprise aspect was not taken lightly and was intentionally booked with a max 30-minute flight to ensure it caused no undue complications.

The flight was booked for Tuesday 10th which was only four days after he had finished the last three day course of Chemo. Generally, the Chemo is going smoothly with minimal side effects being experienced other than for him now becoming gradually more tired and unfortunately having lost his hair once more. Again, though with his Psoriasis having returned, the Chemo is once more having a positive impact on this and seemingly curing it.

As for the break away, all three wrinklies were chuffed with the surprise trip, having only revealed to them what we had planned two days prior to take-off. Curiosity wise though they have been wondering as to why we booked a short break in such a spur of the moment type way.

For anyone ‘wise’, I think the answer to this is obvious and doesn’t really need to be said. However, Ibiza does also carry a special place in my family’s heart having had a holiday here around 25 years ago. I could write a whole blog on the events of that holiday but to summarise:

  • Going AWOL and delaying the tour bus back to the airport having gone for a drink or six
  • Being hypnotised and smoking out of ‘ones’ ear
  • Falling down a flight of stairs and tearing ligaments
  • A bike ride fit for an Iron Man competition
  • Being chased by Police for ‘technically’ stealing a wheel chair
  • Turning a swimming pool a beautiful shade of white
  • Popeye’s Bar

Ironically for this holiday we had booked an apartment without realising that is owned by Popeye’s Bar and overlooks the stage where the hypnotism show took place; talk about fate….

Reliving all the old memories has been nice and David & I made sure that we did lots of different trips out so that we could all soak up the true beauty that Ibiza has to offer – we even ended up taking them to Café Del Mar on Sunset Strip in the clubbers paradise that is ‘San Antonio’.

Some of the pictures attached should hopefully give you an impression of not only the good time we have all had but also the beauty we have seen.

In terms of my Dad, the trip has been very much about celebrating past memories and giving us the opportunity to make new ones that will last for even longer. It’s also been the perfect opportunity for Dad to spoil us rotten with some classic ‘Dad Jokes’.

It would be rude not to share these small snippets with you so that you can groan….

  • With David having found some salt lakes on one of the coves we visited, he gathered some up and presented Dad with it only for him to accuse David of ‘A salting him’……
  • We ordered a Goats Cheese Salad at a restaurant called Utopia only for Dad to turn round and say ‘you are kidding’…
  • We then saw a lighthouse and Dad said that if the owner ran up the stairs too quickly then it would unwind…
  • Finally, before I lose you all, we saw a nice Café to visit called ‘Mirage’ though my Dad just said it was a figment of our imagination.

The good thing is that he has been in high spirits though I have to say our adventure days out have been quite full on and so he has struggled a bit with tiredness – hardly unexpected and ever resilient, he did join us for a final evening drink at Popeye’s Bar after having already been out with us for 13 hours.

My Dad is not a young man anymore, but he is a fighter. With his hair now shaved off and the chemo once again starting to take hold he is looking older and I do think that the realisation of what is happening may finally be starting to hit home. He continues to do stuff though and is desperate not to let the cancer beat him. Yes, it will inevitably take his life from him, but he is certainly not letting it take his spirit. He does still try to do too many odd jobs and probably does put a little too much pressure on his body though to be fair, why not.

If you are going to die, then the book hasn’t been written as to how you should act. Cancer, chemo and death affects us all in differing ways. There is no right or wrong. Cry, scream, laugh – do what feels right to you.

There was a comment sometime back as to why I would want to publicise such heartfelt tales about how my family are coping. The simple answer is that it’s to help people realise that we all act and react differently to things that life throws at us, though at the same time we also have a lot of common fears and concerns. It’s also an effective way of keeping loved ones both old and new informed.

‘Inspirational’ is not a word liked by my parents, but I have read so many blogs about other people’s own stories and battles and some of them I have to say are breathtakingly Inspiring. One I read the the other day is about a 24 year olds battle with terminal cancer, with his whole life ahead of him, though now with just weeks left to live. He continues to battle on though and live the days he has left to the full not allowing doctors to box him up to soon.

My Dad’s battle with Cancer has been inspiring to me. He has been brave, courageous, hopeful, scared, happy, sad, thoughtful, snappy, up and down though mostly he has continued to be my plain old stupid Dad. So coming back to the reason for the trip… my Dad will die, but we aim to ensure that not only the time he has left is filled with love, laughter and joy, but after he has gone we will remember him for the amazing guy he is and always will be.

I can’t imagine life without having my Dad around. He isn’t one for phone calls, in actual fact he barely knows how to use a phone let alone talk on one but one thing for sure is he loves his family in his own way. He is a soft soppy sod at the end of the day though more often or not doesn’t show this that often. He doesn’t need to though as anyone that truly knows him can read him like a book.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Not just of my Dad but of all us enjoying the precious time we have and the beauty that Ibiza has to offer. Much Love xxxx