A Flying Visit – Blog 37


Good evening everyone. I hope 2016 has got off to a good start and life is treating you well.

There is no specific update as such as the follow up appointment is still scheduled for April 1st.

My Dad however is doing extremely well and on the face of it the ‘Big C’ seems to have taken a well hoped for back seat.

Today, they all arrived in Nottingham (the first time for my Dad since it all started) and are looking forward to catching up with as many people as possible. As from the picture, David & I took the brave decision to bring both sets of parents together. The meeting went well and i’m pleased to say that ‘we’ both survived….

As for my Dad, the humour hasn’t got any better. Having had to visit Barclays Bank I needed to go upstairs to be served. When I came out, Dad asked me if the reason i’d gone upstairs was to get a ‘higher interest rate’. As I said… No humour improvement!

The best thing about today though has been seeing how positive everyone is. It’s so easy to let things get too much and allow yourself to be beaten psychologically. To look at my Dad though you wouldn’t even know he’d had anything wrong – even his hair has made a full recovery!

Whilst the Cancer may still be looming as a dark unknown cloud in the background, the hope is that the cloud will get burnt off and that clearer blue skies will take over the forecast. Only time will tell. My Dad though continues to go from strength to strength so regardless of anything that may or may not be, is simply getting back on with life and living once again.

Finally, he did just want to say thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and apologise that he won’t quite get to see everyone this time round.

All the best for now 🙂  xx

One last thing...

The world came together yesterday to unite in it’s fight against Cancer. Whether you click my link below, give direct or simply take part in your own  fundraising please support in which ever way feels right for you.
Love Col x