A Glass Half Full – Blog 35


As planned a scan took place last Friday and in just one week’s time we will have an idea as to how effective all the treatment my Dad has received has been.

Whilst he had endured a hospital stay beforehand, it was on June 15th that he received the news that he had ‘stage 4’ Lung Cancer and had the fight of his life ahead of him.

Fast forward and on the December 14th, practically 6 months to the day he will be told just how effective the treatment has been.

The last 6 months have been strange. Chemo session 1 hit my Dad hard with him barely able to sit up in bed, being very sick and unable to walk a few steps. After this there was a few typical symptoms that crept in with the hair loss and tiredness but he has fought on hard to see through this and on the face of it barely suffered at all. He doesn’t look ill now either, not like he did at the start. To have received such intensive treatment and support in such a small timeframe in itself is overwhelming let alone to deal with the diagnosis too.

I honestly don’t know what to expect from next Monday’s results. Naturally we are all hoping for the same outcome or at least the best outcome possible. What is strange though is that I am not overly concerned. Either way the result will be what it will be. I just hope for both my parents’ sake it’s a glass half full as opposed to a glass half empty. I know how emotional it will be for them during the appointment but I know one thing for sure that they will be there for each other.

My mum wants for nothing more than the Cancer to be gone and that is the only gift she truly wants for her husband this Christmas. Miracles can and do happen. Either way, they will have our love and support no matter what be the outcome.



One thought on “A Glass Half Full – Blog 35

  1. half full guys whatever the result. You have each other and that is worth a celebration. You have come through it and that is worth celebrating. Just enjoy each day as it comes. Love you guys, keep that positive attitude. Following closely. Fingers crossed and a silent few prayers.

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