The Freedom Files, Part Deux – Blog 33


On Wednesday we achieved what we had set out to achieve with my Dad during this freedom week. We scaled the 520m mountain that they look up too from the house. It may seem an odd goal to have aimed for but my Dad & I have done an adventure walk up here before quite some time ago and it was one of the best days we had spent together in a long time.

On that occasion we had disappeared for hours on end in the blazing sunshine, but our survival instincts got us through. We were drinking water from dodgy pipes that we found in the ground and taking shade under trees and eventually arrived back at the Rastro where my Mum & Alan were waiting late that afternoon. I can’t say we arrived unscathed as my Dads legs had been cut to buggery thanks to the bramble forest we had had to trample through. My legs were fine though as I had let my Dad flatten the brambles down lol. After all he did raise me to use my brain so sending him first, technically was the right thing to do….. that’s my view anyway.

Back to today’s adventure and it was in slightly different circumstances. This time with drove the car up the mountain as far as it could go and walked the rest. We didn’t go bramble trampling though we did reach the peak and took the opportunity to take some photos….

We could tell my Dad felt quite proud of himself and damn right too. At one stage I could sense just how much he wanted to get to the top and this was the whole point of the trip. He told David & I to carry on up and he would catch up with us in his own time. Naturally we made our excuses at enjoying the sights so there was no rush but this was this first tell-tale sign he was happy doing the climb. The second sign then came out when he reached the top…. ”A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do” and it was clear that he was happy being ‘On Top of the World’.

On the ramble back to the car a short joke’a’thon started. Initially it was with my dad being cross saying that he had a bad ‘altitude’ problem. He then saw a Butterfly and asked why they weren’t could ‘Marg’flies. My response followed with the rationale that it was to do with if they could ‘spread’ their wings. My Dad ‘could not believe’ this response which I thought was ‘utterly’ crazy. Yup, the jokeaphons don’t get much better than that!

The rest of the day was spent going between different cafes – a hobby I could quite get used too.

One of the things that has surprised me this time is just how domesticated my Dad is too. Before we had set off on our adventure today he had set too with the house work. He darted around between using the washing machine to sweeping the house through. It was like watching a man possessed. It also unnerved me somewhat.

One of the funniest things this week though has been his attempts at Spanglish, Enganol or any combination you can think for the two languages. I truly admire his confidence in giving things a go no matter how embarrassing it can become for those next to him. One of the best was when we went to the shop to get some wiper blades for the car. We didn’t know the word for wipers so instead my dad asked for some sch sch sch schsss and waved his hand from left to right in an arch style and said coche (car). He repeated this three times though amazingly it worked and we were led directly to the item. The same happened with other items in similar style but I can’t say what these are as may give away some presents that Santa is due to deliver.

For now I will leave the tales there. I think we are staying fairly local today and then tomorrow for his birthday we are planning to head to Alicante as none of us have actually been around the city itself. It also means we will be nearby for the arrival of Mum & Alan.

Freedom files – T-Minus 37 hours to go…


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