In Limbo – Blog 29


It’s interesting as when I look to write these blogs I do tend to try and give context to how my family or I are feeling. It’s when I then look into this further that I gain a deeper appreciation for the over use of words or definitions that can occur.

My Dad completed his Radiotherapy treatment yesterday. Since his diagnosis back in June he has undergone 18 sessions of Chemotherapy and 25 sessions of Radiotherapy. The list of side effects were endless that he could endure yet somehow he has fought on bravely with thankfully the fewest side effects taking their hold.

He lost his hair quite early on, and suffered one major period of sickness but this soon faded. During his Radiotherapy he also lost just 1kg in weight. If anything the cure of the Psoriasis still outweighs any negative side effect seen or experienced. His family and friends have all gone through their own battles too with anger, frustration, resentment, hope, joy and impatience to name a few all trying to steal the limelight from time to time.

Having completed the main Radiotherapy treatment we were then expecting for my Dad to have 3 weeks of treatment to his head due to the natural progression of the Lung Cancer. However this has changed now and the treatment is on hold. We are not sure why, or for how long though we must wait to hear from the local hospital to assess when this may commence.

All we do know is that the CT Scan on the 4th December and results appointment on the 14th December remain in place. The other Radiotherapy session, may happen before, during, after this date or not at all. All it does really is to leave you ‘In Limbo’.

The true definition of In Limbo though is to ‘be in a state of being neglected and immobile, with no prospect of movement to a better place’. This isn’t necessarily true for us, as my Dad is looking to the next 4 years. Whilst life may seem to be on hold, this is the key point in time to start living and looking as far to the future as we can whilst living each day to its full potential.

I know my family feel trapped sometimes in Spain as they are isolated from their friends back home in England. This does make it tough on occasions. Personally though the quality of life they can have still whilst living in Spain is phenomenal. My Dad worked all his life and finally owns his own Castle. They even have a ‘Branco’ which acts as a moat sometimes. Lol. I do get that they will move back to England when possible and my Dad is keen to make sure his wife, my Mum is set up for her future and feels as secure and as happy as she can be.

Rather than living life In Limbo though I’d just say….live for today and value what we all have.


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