Looking ahead to 2019 – Blog 28

Make things happen

80% initial radiotherapy treatment complete meaning Dad just has 1 week left to go. Well kind of, as he will then face a further 3 weeks of treatment to the head.

What we do now know though is that it’s highly likely they will give him a two week breather between finishing this course of treatment next Friday before commencing the next 3 week block.

This obviously has massively impacted my families hopes of returning to see people in the UK this side of 2015. What is now happening though is that my Mum and Alan will return for a shortened period of time to collect the essentials and recharge their batteries. I know for my mum that seeing her brother David will most likely be or should be high on the agenda. Even if time is short, I’m pretty sure they will steal a coffee and a hug together. My Dad though will miss out on the opportunity to see people and whilst he pretends to not be bothered, we all know deep down he his.

The biggest issue has been finding flights that worked for everyone as my Dad can’t really be left on his own and as he can’t drive during treatment, someone would need to take him to the hospital when the new course starts. Therefore we will now be heading over on the 21st November to switch places with Mum & Alan and try to replicate the sterling care they have been giving my Dad these past few months.

As ever though my Dads birthday raised a bit of an awkward conversation as my Mum could have missed it if she was over here in the UK. As far as my Dad is concerned he is not bothered in the slightest. For my Mum though not being there on this day which could be his last birthday with us could have lasting painful memories.

My Mum got me to talk to my Dad on Skype and he asked me if I honestly thought it would be his last birthday. Finding the right balance of being realistic without destroying all hope was difficult though I did tell him based on what we have been told and now know it was unlikely that he would see another birthday; though this wasn’t to say he wouldn’t make it and I hope he proves us wrong. His reply was simple, this won’t be his last and he will get to 75 – that’s in November 2019. Fair play is all I can say and I hope he is around for as long as possible.

Flight wise though we compromised and my Mum & Alan will be back with him on the evening of the 27th. It may be for just a couple of hours as they will arrive late on but I firmly believe that had she not been there on the day the decision would have major ripples for years to come…


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