Written in the Stars – Blog 26


It seems that everywhere I look these days Cancer is a big feature. Even Channel 4 are getting in on the act with ‘Stand up for Cancer’ which airs tonight.

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon talks of similar situations that your mind goes through when a thing you have just found out about seems to crop up everywhere. For example you want to buy a Red car and then all you can see are Red cars on the road.

For me it’s just Cancer everywhere. I read in the Costa Blanca News that Lung Cancer particularly has made a sharp rise in the area which is believed to be due to the influx of Brits and their chosen lifestyles. The Psychic Colin Fry also died very quickly of Cancer in the last few months. Seems even those with foresight aren’t immune from its power. Even Special K are supporting Cancer so our cereal shop isn’t without reminders. Fathers Day fell on June 21st this year which was the start of the Cancer star sign. The Top 4 film in the UK charts is called ‘Miss you Already’ and on Telly every other advert seems to be a Cancer survival promise or Bupa healthcare ad.

Don’t get me wrong they were probably always aired just at the moment it’s very poignant to my family’s situation. I guess in some respects it’s like horoscopes. No matter what they say you can usually twist the daily update to something to do with your own. Mine today says I should step up and get everyone together. Well I did want to publish a blog today which in turn means people will come together and read it. Coincidence or was it written in the stars? Who knows but as I’ve said before, I am a firm believer in fate if nothing else.

My Dad seems to be coping stupidly well with the Radiotherapy at present and side effects are almost a no show with just his usual tiredness etc.… I can’t help but question if this is good or bad. Are terrible side effects a sign of the radiotherapy working or is the lack of side effects equally as good news. Either way, it simply means my Dad is fighting this thing and quality of life is fortunately not being impacted as much as it potentially could have been. They also have a break from treatment this weekend with there being a couple of Bank Holidays in Spain. Friday is the ‘Day of Valencian Community’ and Monday is the National ‘Hispanic Day’. For my family it just means they can all try and relax for an extended weekend and not worry about travel and treatments. Let’s hope they make the most of it.


One thought on “Written in the Stars – Blog 26

  1. Hey Colin,

    It’s good to hear that your Dad is experiencing only mild side effects. Side effects are a mystery to the medical profession in that they will know the prevalence of each side effect but cannot state who is more likely to get which ones. I can only think that it be a good thing that your Dad doesn’t suffer too many side effects from his treatment. I think being tired is much better than other much more nastier side effects possible.

    However, I do see what you mean about cancer being everywhere; I have lost so many loved ones to cancer, some only in recent weeks, and I know of so many close friends and family that have their own battles with cancer. However, for you it must be hard to deal with, without having cancer every where you turn. However, you are making a difference raising awareness and so much money by writing this blog and tackling the crazy money raising antics you are!!! You are making a difference and by doing what you are you are helping science to find out all important breakthroughs to put an end to cancer and it’s prevalence. No more will it be everywhere you look, thanks to the efforts by you and people who are like minded!!!

    Take comfort from that, if nothing else.

    Love to you, your Mum & Dad and all,

    Melissa xxx

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