Treatment Update – Blog 25

One Day

One week into the 5 week Radiotherapy treatment and things seem to be quite steady and going well. My Dad has his final Chemo tomorrow and then it will be left to the Radiotherapy to do its part in the battle to hold back the Cancer as much as possible. A battle which should run until October 28th subject to no complications in the meantime.

The Doctors at Xativa hospital (where he has had his Chemo) have said how good a patient he has been. Not sure if this is down to his “style of humour”, general appreciation of women nurses or perhaps the fact as we haven’t been fully conversant with them it has also meant we have not been able to complain, as quite often the Spanish do. Either way he has a gold star from them.

One of the other good things so far is that side effects are being kept at bay and so least if they do start he will already be quite some way into the treatment schedule so should be able to see it out no problems.

I guess one of the most important things at this stage is that once the treatment is done we now have a bit more of an idea as to what to expect going forward. We now know that my Dad will have a further CT Scan on 4th December which will be to assess just how things truly look, with the appointment to discuss the results to be held 10 days later; this will also be used to scan his brain. Lung Cancer can often be found to spread to other areas of the body including the brain as well as the bone tissue and chest. The scan is designed to arm the doctors with as much information as possible to best help my Dad.

The thing is though, this particular Cancer is unbeatable. I’m not saying this to be morbid or downbeat, I’m just being 100% honest. The Chemo and Radiotherapy are designed to do their best in beating the cancer back and making it as small and easy to live with as possible. The problem being that it started very aggressively and grew in next to no time. The doctors have said that the Cancer will come back and more than likely when it does it will come back even quicker and even more aggressively than the first time.

The silver lining here though is that they have now said that he will be able to undergo more Chemo. A fact that was previously left as something that would not happen despite personally thinking that it should always have been an option. I guess what I am saying is that the Cancer is going nowhere. Fortunately though experience can also build strength and so next time, least we will all be armed with the foresight of perhaps just a few of the signs to look out for. How long this goes on for be it weeks, months or years is now frankly down to my Dads staying power.

One of the best things for them all though is that they can now finally plan a trip to the UK. The treatment has naturally been the most important thing for them but knowing that the Radiotherapy will be complete by the end of October means they can plan a trip to see friends and family – perhaps one of the best courses of treatment all of them could do with right now.

As ever they all appreciate your support as do I.


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