Concomitant Chemoradiation – Blog 23

Keep Calm and Beam on

For what has seemed like an eternity we now finally have news as to when the next chapter in my Dads ongoing battle begins. Granted it’s not actually been that long but when you feel like your entire life is on hold, anything longer than a day seems like an age.

Having received the call this morning, the hospital has confirmed that the Radiotherapy will start tomorrow! This is all well and good in practice and I think it’s great that they are moving the treatment along but my Dad still has his final chemo session planned for next Wed-Fri. This will still happen but will now mean an immensely tough week ahead.

Least they have tomorrow, Friday, Monday & Tuesday to get used to the drive to Alzira and exactly what to expect. The Radiotherapy sessions should each last just 15 minutes but the time spent at the hospital could be much longer with the whole checking in, getting undressed and waiting process they will go through each time.

Next Wed-Fri though will now involve Chemo happening in the morning at the Xativa hospital and then Radiotherapy happening in the afternoon/early evening at Alzira hospital. One could argue it’s a shame the treatment can’t be offered at the same hospital yet at the same time the fact they are giving my dad a chance of life, the distance to travel between each hospital is truly insignificant.

Giving the two types of treatment together is known as Concomitant Chemoradiation. The Positive of this is that they usually only combine the treatment if the patient is quite fit. The Negative though is that the side effects can be more intense.

At the end of the day though, he is coping well and if it does knock him down, from what I have already seen, he certainly has it in him to see through this new 5 week treatment schedule and come out the other side with a smile on his face.

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