Exotic Marigolds – Blog 20

Three Amigos

Seeing my dad over the last couple of weeks was good. Admittedly when we first arrived it was a little bit of a shock as I did feel that he looked quite unwell. We have to remember though that we had arrived only 48 hours after his fourth chemo session had finished.

The pattern has become fairly regular now and he tends to feel a little out of sorts for up to 5 days after each chemo session finishes. This doesn’t mean he is bed bound or anything; it just tends to mean he has to take it even easier than normal. The one thing I witnessed though is that he understands this and didn’t rush any family days out too soon thus meaning that when he was ready to go out and about he knew he was properly up for it.

There was an additional side effect this time though and my dad ended up getting a cold. My dad doesn’t get colds. Both in the sense that he hasn’t really ever had one nor does he really understand what one is. The cold is just a reaction to the course of injections he has to have after each Chemo session.

This is the first time though he has had this reaction and is some respects it was quite comical in a gross kind of way. Basically the worse thing he had was a blocked nose. The problem was he doesn’t know how to deal with a blocked nose. Blowing his nose would have mostly eased the situation. Instead he chose the ‘snort it up’ option. So every other 5 minutes there would be a high heels being scrapped through a pile of gravel sound coming from wherever my dad was currently located. This worked well as you always knew where he was though at the same time, the noise even now has not left me. The generating phlegm at the back of your throat noise was the worst though….

Fortunately this didn’t dampen his spirits too much during our stay and we had some lovely days out of which I have included a few of the pics.

Abbey Road Denia Seaside Guadalest What the Heck.

The most poignant moment of this little venture though came when my Dad, David & I watched the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

The films are very funny and have some very none politically correct moments in them which suits my Dad’s humour. There was a more serious side to the films though which without giving away any of the plot involves a group of old people going to a hotel where perhaps they will live out their final days. Watching this with a person who is looking down the barrel did feel a little strange though the three of us watched the films over a couple of nights and for some reason it just felt like the right film to have watched. Personally I just enjoyed spending a few hours with my dad; laughing and I guess all just feeling a little sentimental without over showing it.

After the second film had finished, my dad showed his first sign of truly beginning to accept what is happening to him. He did say that ‘no matter the outcome, he wasn’t going without a fight’. This ended our stay at the house in quite an uplifting manner. This time when we left last Thursday I didn’t feel worried, I wasn’t too concerned and just felt that I would see him again.

Since leaving for North Spain I have spoken to my mum and things seem to be ticking along nicely and somehow, Chemo Session FIVE is due to start on Wednesday 9th. This is the penultimate session with the last one currently scheduled for September 30th. We are still awaiting news on the Radiotherapy treatment and if this will be a suitable option. I promise though as soon as I know what is happening, I will let you all know.


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