From the Horse’s mouth! – Blog 18

Horses Mouth

David & I arrived back at Fincalykitere last night. Dad, Mum & Alan all met us at Alicante and it was great to see them. My dad is doing well. He is tired, but this has been the only really ongoing side effect he is suffering with. He takes it easy when needed though and isn’t pushing his luck.

As you’d expect he also has a lot of questions about the next stages of treatment but knows he needs to wait for the consultation in order to find out what to expect next. For now though, Chemo continues and life is plodding on nicely.

I have to say though it’s so fab being back. One of the most touching things though was that my Dad came into see me early this morning having written a piece for the blog on Friday. I read it and it just goes to prove what I have said all along. My dad is one of the nice guys in this world!

Therefore I will end my part and leave you with words as written by ‘The Bob Garratt’:

Sitting here, 3rd day of chemo. Feel Good. Tumour 50% down. A few words to thank my wife of 40 years on September 27th. She says or thinks she is doing nothing to help me. I would not manage without her. I don’t always show it, but think the world of her. She has been hurting more than me. I will get through this for her sake and my family and friends.

Many Thanks to Colin doing these blogs. It keeps people informed. Hope this helps.

I feel that good, I might give Gloria & Roy a ring to tell them a few jokes. In fact I told myself a joke last night. I was laughing for 2 hours cos I hadn’t heard it before!

Heather & Les, can you please bring a copy of the Radio Times so that I can brush up on the next Stage, Radiotherapy.

(Think my brain’s gone now) – Hand back to Colin

Thanks for your continuous support everyone :o)

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