Carpe Diem – Blog 17

Do It

So my dad has received his results and the good news is that thus far the tumour is said to have reduced in size by half. Yes that’s a 50% reduction in where we were at just 11 weeks ago. I guess this confirms just how aggressive the cancer was initially, to say that the treatment has had such a massive impact so quickly.

Whether this be down to pure chance, the right treatment combination, the positive thoughts or a combination of all three at this stage I pretty much don’t care. The main thing is that it’s working and the family couldn’t be happier.

My mum was shaking when I first spoke to her on the phone. She simply couldn’t believe that the news was what it was. My dad also sighed the biggest sigh of relief known to man when they told him the reduction size. I think finally it hit him just what is happening.

It’s what happens next I guess that make things difficult as once again we are thrown in to the path of the unknown. What we do know at this stage is that my dad will continue with chemo rounds 4, 5 & 6. Round 4 started yesterday and will complete tomorrow. He is still coping remarkably well and his spirits are high.

We are now waiting on a consultation appointment in order to assess my dad for Radiotherapy. Something we had not even considered previously as the cancer was that bad. On the face of it, this sounds good but those voices in the back of your head start working their magic. Damn those ‘What ifs”.

In essence the Lung Cancer will never go away. The whole aim of this exercise is to simply keep it at bay. The chemo has done its job in reducing the tumour significantly so that Radiotherapy can be considered. It’s not a done deal yet but without the radiotherapy then the tumour could easily re-grow back to the size it has been previously. It sounds like a no brainer but they need to ensure my dad is a suitable candidate for Radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy treatment is designed to give my dad high energy x-rays that we hope will destroy the rapidly dividing cancer cells. At what level this is given and its frequency we don’t yet know but we are told it is likely that my dad will need it for 4-5 days at a time. The only snag really being that the hospital he is currently at is unable to give this form of treatment. He will therefore be transferred to Alzira Hospital which on a good run is 30-40 minutes drive away though could take up to an hour each time. It’s quite a way to travel each day, especially if any side effects start creeping in. Then again he may be side effect free.

At this stage this is all I can really tell you. The news is good. It’s much better than we probably expected though we still have a long road ahead of us.  I don’t ever underestimate though the value of each extra day we are given. Some are unlucky not to have the foresight of what may happen. My family are lucky that we can do the things we never got round to doing and say the things that often go unsaid. Just to be able to do things now is fantastic because unfortunately sometimes…..“Later becomes Never”

One of the most promising things I have read is that Lung Cancers that are inoperable don’t necessarily mean that they are incurable. This said, Lung Cancers that require a combination of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy do tend to have a lower curable status connected with them, but if we are focusing on the silver lining, some – yes just a handful but some can be beaten. My dad is a nice guy. Maybe it’s finally time for the nice guy to win.


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