Can Spades ever be hearts, diamonds or clubs? – Blog 15


I really don’t know where the time goes. In the last update I was talking about everyone having thoughts & prayers for my Dad for Chemo session three that was due to start, yet that’s been and gone a whole week ago.

Firstly and most importantly, my Dad is doing really well. He kept to his word and wore the anointed cloth for the duration of Chemo session three and took it off last Friday once it was over.

He’s not really suffering too much at the moment either and whilst he can get tired quicker than he used too, he is much more stable to how he was when it all first started.

We are still waiting on confirmation as to when he will be called upon to go for the biopsy to assess how things are going, but we are under the impression it will be in the next 12 days as whilst its not been done yet, Dad is meant to get the results on the 19th in order to assess the next stage of chemo and what drug combinations are needed as that will be due to start that day.

The last week has also seen a host of visitor changes for the Spanish clan. Sandra left passing the baton on to my Mums school friend Jane. Jane has never flown before so going to Spain to see my Mum & Dad was a big thing for her. Let’s just hope the weather doesn’t put her off going back as it is still blazingly warm over there. My brother and his family have also ventured over. They spent the day together on Tuesday and from what I can tell it all went well and I’m pretty sure they will visit a few more times whilst out there. That’s if their car is up to the job… ahem.

Also during the last week my Dad, Mum & Alan have seen the Doctor for a bit of a catch up and Q&A session. The Doctors in Spain are lovely and I can’t fault them other than for the fact Spanish do tend to call a Spade a Spade. What I mean by this is that my Dad told them he is going to beat this and they pretty much told him he won’t. This wasn’t done in a negative way, just the Doctors are naturally using science and medical training to assess the situation and provide my Dad with an honest prognosis.

This was why in some respects last weeks’ thoughts and prayers were so important and my Dad sincerely appreciated all the well wishes and messages you sent to him. As one of my oldest friends said, Miracles happen every day and so not to stop believing. I remain realistic and to put it bluntly know that it is more certain than not my Dad will be taken away from me. However, I do the typical thing now and consider what “last events” I will now see through but importantly ‘enjoy’ with my Dad.

Fathers Day could have been the “Last Fathers Day” I would ever get to spend with him, but I made sure we made the most of it. His wedding Anniversary to my mum is next month. They will have been married for 40 years. Will they see 41? His birthday in November, Christmas in December… the list goes on and always now there is this cloud of doubt that exists that each event could be the last.

The tumour is aggressive and the Doctors think it probably only started to grow in the last 2-3 months. It took hold very quickly and knocked him for six. The upcoming Biopsy results are crucial so that we can understand what the next steps are. Do we continue with Chemo? Is it working thus far? Are there any alternatives? Or are we blessed enough to see a true miracle occur?

I remain ever hopeful that the future will be bright for my Dad. An element of this basically comes down to the fact that no matter what the results are, be this we have weeks or we have years, the most important thing is that we make the most of the precious time we have together.

My Dad is strong and will fight until he has no fight left in him and then, will fight on regardless.


One thought on “Can Spades ever be hearts, diamonds or clubs? – Blog 15

  1. Keep those positive thoughts, it really does help your dad. Doing a great job with the blog, keeping us all informed. Thank you.


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