Help – Your thoughts & Prayers are needed – Blog 14

Keep Calm

Greetings everyone. The next three days are extremely important for my dad.

Today he starts Chemo Round 3 which will continue until Friday. It’s also the day he has decided to use the power of the anointed cloth that has been blessed and provided to him. As said in Blog 12 this is a cloth to help heal my Dad.

The cloth in itself though is only part of the story, the other part being you. I know by now that in reading this you are already thinking of my Dad, though in particular for the next 3 days your thoughts have never been more important.

My Dad firmly believes that he can beat this Cancer, though he also knows that he needs his family and friends to support him.

The Chemo treatment will take place on Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st. My Dad will be placing the cloth on his back where he had the biopsy for this same period of time and he would very much appreciate your positive thoughts.

If you get a couple of minutes to spare, please leave a message either on the blog or via the Facebook group. Any messages left I will relay to my Dad to help him in his fight.

I think I said previously I wasn’t concerned at all but writing this Blog this morning has been difficult as it has just made the whole thing seem real again. I guess it felt easy getting on with day to day activities but behind the scenes it never goes away. My Dad though is the one battling this bravely and at times you wouldn’t know he was even concerned. If fathers are meant to pass their wisdom and life lessons to their sons then at this stage he is doing a grand job and showing Steven & I just how strong we can be if we put our mind to it.

I love my family very much, a sentiment that whilst we all know is not often said. I love my Dad very much. My thoughts are with him at this time more than ever.

Thank you in advance to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Col xxx

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3 thoughts on “Help – Your thoughts & Prayers are needed – Blog 14

  1. I have seen your blog Colin on face book newsfeed as posted by Lesley and Shirley.
    Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you. Be positive it’s amazing what positive thinking can do at such a time. Take care Diane xx


  2. Thoughts are always with you and your family but they will be extra for these next few days. Your blog and detail of your journey through this battle will help people going through similar. Keep strong & positive. 🙂


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