Not so Unlucky – Blog 13

Taken February before the storm hit.
Taken February before the storm hit

My Spanish venture has temporarily come to an end with David & I returning to the UK yesterday.

It’s strange as I don’t feel worried or concerned at all. Not sure if this is an inbuilt coping mechanism but things all just feel rather steady at present and almost just seemingly ‘back to normal’.

My Dad continues to Trojan on with him doing his best to eat my mum out of house and home. Since it all started he has lost just over a stone in weight which all things considered is not bad at all. He started at 12 stone 10 and is now 11 stone 8.

A surprisingly positive side effect of the Chemo has been the impact it has had on Dads Psoriasis. He had it quite bad around his ears, head and knees though the treatment seems to have worked wonders on clearing this up to an extent.

He is still getting tired very easily, though insists to my mum that he is fine… Male pride can have positives after all. I guess it just means that he continues to fight for full health though I do hope he is finding the right balance and not over doing it. From when we were with them in Spain though he does seem to be in touch with what his body can do, so as long as he is listening and seeing the signs he will be fine. Plus he has my mum to reign him in as well as Alan & Sandra. Thinking about it I almost feel sorry for him…

I’d also like to thank all those that have been relaying messages to my Dad to and all the thoughts you have been passing on to me and the family. It really does help and every message is forwarded to my Dad to help keep his spirits high.

My next update will be on Tuesday 28th in preparation for Dads Chemo Round 3 battle. It’s an extremely important time for him with the X-Ray being done soon after and hopefully we will then have a little more news of how well he is truly doing.

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