Healing Powers – Blog 12

Healing Powers

Chemo Round Two seems to have gone fairly well so far which is good news. Having completed Day 3, last Friday and contrary to popular belief my dad has remained up and about this time with the Chemotherapy not knocking him for six as it did before. He has fought harder to stay up and be in the lounge/on the veranda with his loved ones. This said, he does at times remain a little short tempered but he can be forgiven for this small side effect. Tiredness naturally will play a part in this and thankfully those around him understand this.

One thing that has changed though is that he now has no hair. It had began to fall out and from what I am told was not looking great as it had gone patchy. So he took the brave decision to have it shaved off which in turn has helped things look that little bit more ‘normal’ for him. A word I detest though you know what I mean.

One thing that is difficult is finding the balance of being overly positive versus remaining realistic about things. Fortunately though I am a massive believer in fate and do believe things happen for a reason. This isn’t my saying that my dad should have Lung Cancer, but I do believe that we are put upon this Earth for a time frame and it’s about what we do with the precious time we have and are given. The age old clichés of “There’s no time like the present”, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, “Live for today” and finally “Power in positive thinking” all spring to mind.

It’s this last one (Power in Positive Thinking) that I want to ponder over for a while. For the first time since I started writing this blog my Dad spoke to me directly about it and has asked me to include something for everyone to read.

My father in law (David’s Dad) has given my dad an anointed cloth to use. In essence this is a Prayer Cloth used to heal the sick. The word ‘Christ’ comes from the New Testament Greek word ‘Christos’ which means ‘anointed’.

The theory behind this is that a priest has blessed the cloth and as such a contract between God and my Dad has been formed.  It was up to my Dad to accept this in the merit it was given or reject it based on belief. My Dad is by no means a religious man and this cloth was presented to him over 2 weeks ago with the clear instruction that he should only use it should he believe in its healing ability.

My Dad has accepted that in placing the cloth close to where he had the biopsy performed, thus forming a portal direct to his lung, that there could be some form of healing done. This may come in many guises. It is fundamentally designed to heal though if in healing my dad it lessens any pain and gives him an easier road to walk down then its ability will have been more than worthwhile.

On July 29th my Dads third round of chemotherapy will start. He has chosen this date to first wear the cloth on his back where the biopsy was performed. It’s also worth noting after Chemo round three, an x-ray will be taken in order to assess how things are going for him. In his words he feels that he will put every positive thought and means given to him to fight his cancer and this is where everyone reading this comes in to play.

Already the support shown has been incredible but I would ask on behalf of my Dads own direct request that on July 29th, 30th and 31st during which point Chemo round three will be carried out that we all just have a moment to think positive thoughts for my Dad. If you are anything like me you will be doing this daily anyway but for this short period my Dad wants all his friends and family to form a powerful ‘PMA Cloud’ to help heal him.

Whether or not you believe in God, fate or things beyond our own understanding please for this moment believe in my Dads Positive Mental Attitude. He is putting everything and more in to his fight now. He started off as a typical man suffering with flu but with thanks to everyone’s encouragement and well-wishing he is getting stronger by the day and continues down a road of pure positivity and hope.

A lot is happening between the 29th–31st July and as I believe in fate, I honestly think this is an extremely important time for not only my Dad but the entire family. My Mums friend of 40 years – Jane, is coming out on the 30th to see my Dad and support my mum. My brother Steven and his family – wife Nicola and two kids Jack & Niamh are also going out to see him on the 30th onwards for a couple of weeks. I think seeing the grandkids will do him the world of good. Also as I said previously this is the period of time that Chemo round three will occur and having previously filmed an episode for the BBC, I will appear on the telly on the evening of the 29th…. Of all dates this could have fell upon, it fell upon the exact date my dad is looking to the future and staying focused for his family. All of whom will be making an appearance in one way or another.

I guess if you have beliefs or not, please for this moment in time have belief in my Dad :o)

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One thought on “Healing Powers – Blog 12

  1. Dear Robert & family,

    We just want you to know that we have been praying for you all, mostly for Robert since hearing of his diagnosis. We will be making a concerted extra effort to pray for Robert on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of this month as you have requested.

    We send you our love and big hugs, and will continue to pray for you all especially during this time of trial.

    With love,

    Richard & Melissa xxx

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