A little update & HUGE Request (Blog 9)

King and Queen


The last few days have kind of been tough. I’m putting this down to mostly our desire to run before perhaps we can walk.

I think the weekend was a great success though energy wise may have somewhat zapped my dad. The good thing is he continues to remain positive and focused on the road ahead. The not so good side of things though is that he continues to be incredibly weak, easily tired, slurs his words and has started to revert to needing his bed again more and more.

Its one of those things – we just don’t know what is right or wrong and which way is up or down. It’s at this stage we expected for him to start experiencing all the standard side effects. Maybe its all just part and parcel of the Chemo’s plan…

My hope is that my dad is finely listening to his body and doing what he feels is required. After all he has started to request food himself, seems to be enjoying it and his fluid intake is mostly stable so no need to grab the funnel and pin him down just at this stage.  My fear is that he could be taking the easy option as lying down in bed is far easier than getting off his backside and trying. I know this statement sounds harsh but I am sure you can appreciate just what I mean. The best things is though we are all in tune together and there are zero arguments and we are at a good stage in terms of sharing the workload between us. Plus more relief arrives this evening with David GF making his Spanish return! J

A friend of the family has also just called round to the house whilst I am writing todays blog and my dad has just been woken from bed. He looks very weak bless him and looks as pale as a white bed sheet washed with a leading brand wash powder. The visit is brief though has given my dad another needed boost.

I do think it’s just that he over did it at the weekend. This weeks’ highlights have seen my dad freely get in and out of the swimming pool himself – was just for a 2 minute dip but he did it so a big achievement. He continues to eat little and often and his appetite is picking up though I feel for Spains chicken population – He’s had Chicken and Bovril, Chicken on toast, Chicken and yoghurt, Chicken cobs, Chicken on its own… you get my point. And for all those that were worried, he continues to be able to muster up a joke or two – this surely is the most positive thing going (ahem)!


Dads Joke of the week: (Bear in mind this probably works verbally better)

What is the most common Owl?

At this stage he hears you thinking and having several attempts.

Barn Owl you say. NO. Tawny Owl, NO. Snowy Owl, NO.

After a few moments you give up and ask.

He tells you the answer is a Teet!

I’ll let you work this one out from here…….


We’ve also had just a couple of short trips out locally which were okay. Today’s main blog picture is courtesy of the two massage chairs at Plaza Mayor Shopping Center. Clearly showing the King  & Queen at their best.

The other trip was to the local Rastro (Permanent car boot) – From here my mum has bought my dad a new vehicle – yes I appreciate you maybe be thinking he is in no fit state to go for a drive himself – you are not wrong. My dad is now the proud own of a wheelchair. My mum thought it would be a good idea for him. Not to use all the time though to give him the ability to get out and about and should he fall tired then be able to be pushed back – I’m sure he’s used to being pushed around by my mum anyway and so it will be an experience he is used to (love you mum).

New Wheeels

So all in all a mixed week – I do still think though he is doing admirably and this would not be possible without the love and support that has been shown to him from the vast amount of people not only over here in Spain but also back in the UK and the messages you have been leaving.

He thinks he is a fully fledged celebrity now and asks me daily how many ‘hits’ he is up to. Lol


One thing I am looking to do for my dad, well on behalf of my dad is to raise money for Cancer Research UK. (A few have already asked me to set up a page).

The main thing I am conscious of is that I don’t want to repeatedly keep coming back to you with event after event asking for more and more money.

So instead I thought it would be easier if I ask you just for a one off sponsor towards Cancer Research UK and in return I will participate in a number of events with the pure aim to help Cancer Research UK do everything and more to continue to support families and patients living with cancer with the hope one day that a true cure can be found.  I appreciate that this may not change the outcome for my family, but my dad has grandchildren and so without the help now, the future generations will still be stumbling at the stage we are at today.

My dad’s just giving page is as follows:


With thanks to gift aid, your donation is almost usually always higher than the amount pledged. i.e. you donate £10 and Cancer Research UK receives roughly £12.10 after fees.

I’ve included my dad’s story in brief plus the first few events I have lined up. If there is anyone you feel may like to sponsor, please please please share the address and feel free to share my dad’s blog too (www.fincalykitere.wordpress.com).

Much love and many thanks, Colin x


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