Clearing the grey skies (Blog 8)


So this particular blog has to start with how the weekend has slowly began to draw to a conclusion. My dad has seen a massive improvement from the impacts of chemo he has been experiencing. His outlook is far more positive and just 5 minutes ago he said “I’ve amazed myself today” as well as saying “I’m really pleased with how things have gone”.

The weekend had a lot of plans in store. On Saturday his daughter was visiting and Sunday we were taking a trip to see his sister in Albir.

My dad is coping admirably and his mind set is much improved. The temperature is 36c – 40c and even I’m struggling to get around in the pure heat. My dad is a very strong willed man and his inner fight has slowly started to reveal itself again.

Saturday was always going to be a long drawn out day. Heather, his daughter was due to visit from the UK with her husband. The visit as I’ve said previously was hopefully going to give my dad the boost he needed.

I sincerely do believe this was the case. I won’t discuss this in too much detail though the visit for the rest of us probably went exactly the way we imagined it would. Well actually no this is a lie. On the face of it, it couldn’t have gone any worse. As they say though every cloud has a silver lining. And whilst some of the events have caused undue pain, my dad bless his heart, seems to have taken this and flipped it into a major positive.

On Sunday morning, he wakes me up and tells me that he understands what’s going on and he loves me. My dad does not show this kind of emotion and I write this to encourage everyone that he is fighting. No longer just for us but finally for himself. He does not want to die. He wants to look to the future. I’m just relieved that he is actually talking about the future. His mind set has come on leaps and bounds.

Sunday was always the day that we were going to enjoy more, as his sister (My aunt Margaret) is currently away with a friend in Albir. We’ve promised to arrange a visit to allow them both to see each other. They share a strong bond and we believe both sides need each other.

The journey is approximately 128km each way. It’s a long journey to say the least, let alone in the heat and especially with how my dad has been. All of us are unaware if the journey is wise though my dads pure commitment to his sister is driving him to get up, be ready and hop in the car. I think he would have driven himself if it meant he got to see her.

We arrive just before 11am and Margaret is waiting outside her hotel. For a 73 year old lady, she almost sprinted to the car when we pulled up outside. The next part was lovely to witness though a true heartfelt moment. Their embrace said it all.

We leave them to get acquainted whilst we find somewhere to park. Margaret has chosen a lovely café to visit of which todays first blog picture is shown.

It’s fantastic to see everyone in such good spirits. After yesterday, tensions could have been ropey but somehow a grey mist over everything has been lifted.

My dad looks strong, he looks well, he is fighting and he is up and about and considering the next 6 months and beyond.

We leave Albir in the late afternoon. Whilst showing sign of tiredness, both of them are clearly glad for the time they’ve spent together. My aunty Margaret is an angel in my eyes. Her connection with my dad is special and for both of them the visit has been the best thing.

We arrive home after a torturous journey. Not because of my mums crazy driving (no really, the driving was of fairly good standard) but due to the blazing heat. The breeze was like having a hairdryer on full blast directly in your face for two hours. My dad seemed to not bat an eyelid. I just wanted to curl up and cry – this heat is just not right!

When we get home though we decide that taking a dip in the pool is all that we need to cool ourselves down. What amazes me though is that my dad says he too wants to join us.

Poolside Fun

Picture 2 as you will see is the four of us together in the pool. It’s when we get out and have a drink when my dad recites how the blog started. Well clearly he’s amazed himself. We are amazed and thankful for the change we have seen. Even now he is still chatting about everything and nothing in the background. For someone who couldn’t muster the energy to sit up in bed just 5 days ago, he’s now currently been up for 14.5hrs.

The journey ahead is not going to be easy. Chemo session two is due to start around the 10th July. Based on session 1, it could put us back to square one but only time will tell. As with this time though we will battle on together and see him through it.

I’ve seen my old dad again today. My mum has her husband back and Alan has his friend again. The bionic man who can face anything. He has been laughing, joking and putting us all through the misery of his favorite jokes including the two cows and Coco the Clown. Those in the know at this stage will simply roll their eyes.

Whilst I’ve tried throughout to remain positive, today has been easy. As much as my dad may need us right now, we need him too. My immediate family are united and together we will face what this has in store for us.


One thought on “Clearing the grey skies (Blog 8)

  1. Hi Colin we have read your blogs about your dad and family.keep up the good work.Our thoughts are with you Bob.June&Neil Smith


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