So it begins… (Blog 2)

His favourite photo & how he wants us to remember him
His favourite photo & how he wants us to remember him

It all started at the end of May. My dad, a man who has never been poorly and doesn’t know what a headache is, fell ill. My mum and family friend Alan took him to hospital where they had been staying in Spain. 

He underwent test after test and was diagnosed as suffering with Hyponatraemia – Low salt levels, potentially life threatening. A call was made to my brother Steven & I to let us know the situation. 

My heart sank and feelings that something just wasn’t right consumed my thoughts. This aside though I told my mum not to worry as she had done the right thing and he was in the right place. I could sense her pain though phone calls still don’t allow for you to hug the person you love. 

A few days passed and whilst stable there had been no real improvement. Other tests had been carried out and an x-ray had revealed an anomaly on the lung. 

A biopsy and CT scan were requested.

My partner and I decided it was only natural to jump on a plane and be there. Not only for my dad but also to support my mum & Alan. Being alone in a foreign country facing the prospect of cancer and dealing with the language barrier was never going to be easy.

We arrived on June 6th quite late on. Eager to see my dad but we held off until the morning. Surprisingly he looked quite well though was clearly tired and struggling to speak without slurring his words. More than anything I was just so grateful to be here with him and have the opportunity to be by his side. It happens all too often that people don’t get this opportunity.

My other mission was to give my dad the uplift he needed so arranged to use the mobile data we had so he could speak with my brother and Heather – his daughter. Just being there to witness his delight and seeing his kids was a memory that will last with me forever.

It was now a waiting game with the biopsy scheduled in for Monday 8th June. Just the following day but seemed to be a lifetime away. 


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