What… the Bob? (Blog 1)

Finca Lykitere
Finca Lykitere

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to my first ever Blog. I’ve created this on behalf of my Dad Robert (‘The Bob’) Garratt. A man whom I admire and respect so much.

I’m treating this first blog as an opening and will move on to the subject matter further down the line. Please stay with me. Unfortunately I do feel I am now playing catch up.

Whilst my blog writing days have started due to a diagnosis my dad recently received, I hope to be able to offer support & encouragement to all those experiencing similar things.

I’m no expert and I will write about my experiences – Good & Bad, and through this understanding it is hoped that people going through this will gain strength from the fact you are not alone. I too gain strength in the knowledge I am not alone.

There is no right or wrong for how to feel. We all deal with life in our own way. Anger, remorse, happiness, love, respect, fear. So many conflicting thoughts. So many head spinning issues to comprehend. No true understanding as to how to deal with this with the age old question called into play… ‘Am I strong enough to do this and give the support needed’.

My name is Colin Garratt-Flear. I  am 33 and on June 15th my dad received the sad news that he had the battle of his life ahead of him – to face, live with and I hope above all else to Beat Lung Cancer – something I know is unlikely. Though one thing I do know is that together we will give it a damn good try.


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