And so it was confirmed (Blog 4)

Lung Biopsy

Tuesday 15th June – Just two weeks and 1 day have passed since my dad was admitted to hospital. Yet now we find ourselves on Floor 6 in the Oncology Ward awaiting results for a life changing diagnosis.

The Doctor is an incredible woman and speaks almost pitch perfect English and is just one of lifes true gems. She begins by just getting my dad to talk about why he thinks he is here today. My dad whilst accepting this approach finds it a little strange. As far as he is concerned he just wants to know what’s happening. She asks him if he wants to know as needs his consent before explaining he has a large Tumour. My mums tears start to form whilst she holds it back as best she can. He reaches for her hand and tells her not to worry. The doctor continues. She explains that my dad has a large tumour on his lung, it is also wrapped around the aorta and unfortunately appears to have gone in to the lymph system infiltrating the blood stream. She makes sure we realise it is unfortunately big.

The cancer is inoperable, malignant and big. We ask what the best way forward is and our only option is Chemotherapy. Even chemo will only help control the size and ferocity of the tumour. It will not cure my dad and will not take away the cancer.

My dad on the face of it takes it well. My mum and Alan are in shock and I simply just find myself not really knowing what to think. I had already convinced myself of the outcome so guess I feel like I’m one week further in than everyone else. Maybe not the best way to deal with it, but seems to be working for me.

We leave the hospital facing the short but long journey home.

The most impressive thing I guess is that the Chemotherapy is due to commence tomorrow. My dad will require 3 days of chemo every 3 weeks.

It’s all so quick, so sudden but I can’t thank the health service in Spain enough. The speed at which we have got to this stage is impressive to say the least.


2 thoughts on “And so it was confirmed (Blog 4)

    1. oh Rach, Its terrible indeed but I’m trying to find hope from it. Please don’t be sad. Fate is a strange thing and I believe wholeheartedly things happen for a reason. Yes I wish it wasn’t happening to my dad and I wish I didn’t have to see him suffer. But we will fight as a family until the bitter end. Whilst this may separate my family from this world it will never take away our memories and we will always cherish the time we have been given together. I hope you are well. I may be calling upon you for running advise. I’m out of practice and have a massive goal to work towards. xxx


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